Spin-off from the Radboud University Medical Center

The Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc) has its sights set on being a leader in the development of sustainable, innovative, and affordable healthcare. Professor Dr. Jelle Barentsz, radiologist at the Radboudumc, received in 2007 the Queen Wilhelmina Research Prize from KWF Kankerbestrijding for the application of new MRI techniques to better map prostate cancer and possible metastases. This Dutch foundation ‘Fight against cancer’ is a close partner of Raboudumc. Their subsidy has made possible the start-up of the development of Ferrotran.

The contrast agent Ferrotran has been used succesfully at Radboudumc in hundreds of cancer patients. Through new investments by the German pharmaceutical company b.e. imaging GmbH and Dutch development company PPM Oost, SPL Medical wants to finance European registration of Ferrotran to enable the diagnosis of prostate cancer metastases in the lymph nodes. Later additional indications will follow.

Professor Dr. Jelle Barentsz, radiologist at the Radboudumc