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SPL Medical is pointing out a powerful publication in European Urology Focus highlighting the useability of Ferrotran® (Ferumoxtran) for MR-Angiography (MRA) even in renally impaired patients thus providing access to another market of approx. 1.5 bln USD with high growth rates.

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 23.03.2022 – SPL Medical announced today the publication and online availability of the full paper in European Urology Focus about the use of Ferrotran® for MR-Angiography (MRA). A retrospective analysis of 381 patients’ data revealed strong conclusions:

Ferumoxtran MRA showed excellent image quality and visibility for pelvic vessels. In addition, the homogeneity of the intraluminal contrast was superior. Patients with preterminal or terminal renal function can benefit from Ferumoxtran MRA (…)
Patient summary Magnetic resonance imaging of blood vessels using a contrast agent called Ferumoxtran is a promising technique for patients with impaired kidney function, as it provides high-quality visualization of blood vessels (…)
On top of the well-known use of Nano-MRT with Ferrotran® to detect even very small lymph node metastases in prostate cancer patients, this new indication can now enable access to the fast growing 1.5 bln USD market segment of angiography. Today, angiography with contrast enhancement is only accessible with severe limitations in patients who need it most – patients with renal impairment. Contrast agents based on iodinated compounds (for X-ray or computer tomography) are contraindicated and Gadolinium based agents (for use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can be used only with severe restrictions due to the significant risk of deposits with potential harm in this patient group.
Ferrotran® is available already now to patients within the running phase III trial PROSTAPROGRESS, but as well in a named-patient-use program in Nijmegen, Netherlands and in a compassionate use programme in Zurich, Switzerland.
“Enabling for an efficient diagnosis for all patients including those who need it most is an essential step forward in the development of Ferrotran® and SPL can thus gain access to this fast-growing market of currently approx. 1.5 bln USD”, stated Dr. Jürgen Feuerstein, Chief Executive Officer of SPL medical.
About Ferrotran®:
Ferrotran® belongs to the group of USPIO’s (Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Particles of Iron Oxide). Ferrotran® can be applied in MRI as a safe bloodpool agent for angiography and for functional diagnostics in detection of even the smallest lymph node metastases.
About SPL Medical:
SPL medical is a spin-off of the Radboud university medical center and is funded additionally by Oost NL, a Dutch regional venture capital company, and b.e.imaging GmbH, a German company specialized in the development and commercialization of contrast agents.
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